Dr. Pablo Coronel

Dr. Pablo Coronel, VP of R&D, is a world recognized leader in the operation and engineering of aseptic facilities.  Pablo joined Wright Foods to help engineer and operate the Troy, NC facility.  Most recently, Pablo was part of the team responsible for design and validation of the first large scale, 100+ million lbs/yr, aseptic particulate soup of its kind in Europe for Unilever.  The soup, Grandmother’s Secret, was released in September 2011 and was immediately recognized as the top product in the market.  Prior to Unilever, Pablo worked in the food industry in his home city , Quito, Ecuador.

Pablo received his B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering from the National Polythechnic School in Ecuador and was a Fulbright Scholar during his M.S. in Food Science from NC State, where he also received his PhD.  Pablo’s doctorate thesis was on aseptically process foods.  This work laid the groundwork for the technology used by Wright Foods and resulted in receiving the 2009 Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award from the Institute of Food Technologists; and the 2009 USDA-ARS Technology Transfer Award.

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