John Michel

John Michel, Vice President of Operations, has 30+ years experience in Operations with Kraft Foods. John has a strong background in all phases of Operations from Safety and Environmental Management, Engineering, Project Management, and Plant Management especially in new product start ups and productivity generation. During his 30+ year career with Kraft Operations, John worked as an Engineer, Project Manager, Operations Manager or Plant Manager at plants in Delaware, Florida, New York, New Jersey, Wisconsin, California and two plants in Iowa.  At Kraft, John led the Commercialization of Kraft’s Impromptu Retorted Shelf stable meals, created the manufacturing system for the Maxwell House 3 lb coffee can, and managed the Oscar Mayer Bologna expansion in Davenport as Project Manager and Business Unit Manager, as well as managing 2 aseptic pudding plants. John also served as the President of the Mason City Chamber of Commerce in 2004-2005 and 2009-2010. John is a graduate of Lehigh University with a degree in Chemical Engineering.

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